Civil Unions Don't Work!!

But of course we've known that for some time now...

It is good to hear, however, that a bi-partisan panel (and generally diverse in many other ways) found the same thing.

I'm not sure what her source is, or I'd send you straight to the horse's mouth, but Elizabeth Kaeton has this summary of the panel's report posted on her blog.

The real gem of it:
The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that 'denying rights and benefits to committed same-sex couples violates the equal protection guarantee and can no longer be tolerated under our State constitution.' Implementation of that ruling by the invention of a parallel status failed to deliver equality. It was like planting a toothpick and hoping a tree would grow."
I don't know a Southerner who could have said it better!!

To read the rest of the report of the report on Elizabeth's blog, CLICK HERE