I love living in the "facebook age" :)

I just think it's really cool that one of the very important ways that I'm inviting people to my ordination is through facebook.

Yeah, yeah...  I know...  Facebook (like any of the emerging technologies) can be problematic in some respects.  But I honestly believe that these are (or at least can be) tools for being the Body of Christ in the world.

So here's the "online invitation".  Y'all come!

And here's the e-version of the paper invite

Ain't technology cool? :)


Chilebnr said…
Hi Jon,
thanks for the facebook message about your experience at GC and being ordained very soon. I pray all God's wonderful love and blessings for you as you begin this phase of your life. I'm glad and i'm blessed that i got to meet you at GC.
I pray all of us will follow God's lead as you are. Even those who do not have support as you mentioned.
yours truly,