Is there room for progressive politics in sports?

I know, I know....  Two Rachel Maddow posts in a row.  But this is a REALLY good one!!

Not only is it live from New Orleans on the Friday before the Super Bowl in which the Saints are playing!!!

Not only did they change the graphics to read "The Rachel Maddeaux Sheaux"!!!  (which just give me endless enjoyment!)

But it's actually a very thoughtful segment.  Tim Tebow is getting lots of attention for his anti-choice, "Focus on only ONE kind of Family" television commercials that will air on Sunday.  But, as usual, though the conservative voice may be the loudest, it is far from the only voice out there.  Drew Brees and Scott Fujita - and to a degree, even Peyton Manning - are showing that's there's more than just the Tim Tebow's of the world who care about sports!

Just as the Christian community is not a single monolithic voice of "conservative values", so, too, is the world of sports more than just the Tim Tebow variety.

I promise, this blog isn't just becoming an extension of the Rachel Maddow Show, but this is too good not to post!