Where'd the sermons go??

Dear Friends,

I'm sorry...  I haven't posted in a while.  My main source of posts have always been sermons - but for the past several months I've been experimenting with extemporaneous preaching.  It's been an important way for me to continue to try to stretch myself and grow as a preacher, and I think it's also been important for the ways in which I'm able to embody the community that I so often preach about and that remains so central to my understanding of Christian theology.

I relate more, and I'm engaged more with my congregation.

I certainly prepare.  Maybe even more than I did before.  But I'm not writing out a script anymore.

So it's been tough figuring out how to continue with the whole posting sermons thing.

In reality, I'd really love to post audio clips of my sermons each week, but my parish is small, and has never even considered that sort of thing.  If I were just operating on my own, I could do it, but ever system I've imagined implementing would involve me either a) interrupting the liturgy to activate a recording device, or b) recording far more than would be necessary and then having to spend all afternoon on Sundays editing and getting it ready to post.

So I welcome your input.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this done easily (oh yeah - AND CHEAPLY!).

Thanks for your advice!  I hope to be back to posting soon, I just need to figure out how!!

Keep thinking of solutions for me, and keep popping by in now and then!