Letters to Lambeth

A lot of blogs and sites around the internet are now promoting this, so I doubt I'm offering this as "news" to my readership, but I do want to add my two cents in encouraging you to participate. Lambeth Conferences and other official bodies of the Anglican Communion have been for many years encouraging a "listening process" through which the stories of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Anglicans could be told, heard, reflected on, and hopefully through which the Anglican part of the Body of Christ could know more fully the humanity of its GLBT members.

The call for the listening process has, for too long, gone unheeded. This organization is attempting to rectify that failing.

So check them out. If you are able, offer a few words of testimony about the role of GLBT people in the Anglican Communion and as people of Christian faith in general.

Though much of the Anglican Communion may continue to resist the call to a "listening process", we can continue to demand to be heard. It can't hurt, and may even help!