"With God's Help" and "Becoming an 'Ubuntu' People"

IntegrityUSA has released two new videos in advance of the 2009 General Convention of the Episcopal Church - now just over a month away!

Each video is under ten minutes, but speaks volumes to two very important issues facing this convention. Please take a few minutes to watch both videos, then call your Bishops and Deputies and tell them of your support!

"With God's Help" discusses, in the context of our Baptismal Covenant, the need for the church to move beyond the oppressive 2006 resolution, B033. It was the one that was steam-rolled through both houses during the final hours of that convention to urge the Church "to exercise restraint by not consenting to the consecration of any candidate to the episcopate whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church". Resolution B033 stands in opposition to our Baptismal Covenant, threatens the non-discrimination canon, and was born into a church of hope through a climate of fear. It's time to reclaim the hope that is our inheritance in Christ! It's time to move on!

Finally, "Becoming an 'Ubuntu' People" discusses our work toward marriage equality through the lens of this year's General Convention theme. Ubuntu is a term from the indigenous people of South Africa that attempts to recognize and honor the interconnectedness of the human experience. In the current position of inequality that exists in the Church, some members of the Body of Christ are suffering. When any are suffering, we ALL are suffering. It's time to make this season of inequality a part of our past. It's time to move forward toward a more inclusive Church!


Rob T. said…
Jon, I hope that B033 is removed at the convention, restoring the openness of the Episcopal Church, in contrast to the Catholic Church which refuses any acknowledgment of gays in the priesthood & other church offices. The same re marriage, love is love, & is part of God's covenant.