Don't use Bing for searches!

*Note - the following is an email that I just sent to the Microsoft Corporation.  I've been incredibly disappointed in their new Search engine - Bing.  Do yourself a favor - AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!!

Of course everyone loves Google - but anything is better than Bing!

Subject: Dirty Marketing Tactics

When Bing was launched, I was impressed by your marketing and your claims that it would provide better results for my internet searches, so I decided to give it a shot.

I must say, I was disappointed with your product.  The search was no better than any other search engine that I use everyday.  In no way did I see it matching the claims of your advertisements to be better and more precise than any other product out there.

I would have just stuck it in my back pocket to use as an alternative search engine from time to time.

Now, however, not only will I never again use Bing, but I am actively encouraging others not to use it as well.  After just one use of your product, you have infected my system.  Now, I can hardly go to a web page without a Bing pop-up window invading my browsing.

I have never had problems with pop ups until I made the mistake of using a Microsoft product.  Now, you are everywhere.

Your dirty marketing tactics prove this company to be no better than a common spammer.



Thanks for the product warning, Jon. Interestingly enough, I recently read a post by Greg Griffin (from the site that shall not be named) singing Bing's praises. I shudda known right then and there.
hehehe... I disagree with them on just about everything, huh?! :)

I don't often get angry enough to write complaint letters. It's just not much my style. I usually just vote by not using the product. But this time I got really ticked off! :)

Microsoft responded with a form letter which only served the purpose of informing me that they did not AT ALL read my message.

Hopefully others having the same problem with join me!