An act of vulnerability on Ash Wednesday

So a funny thing happened tonight...

A theme that's been emerging for me as I've moved toward Lent has been vulnerability.  I think it's significant that God became vulnerable before us in the person of Jesus, and I believe that God is calling to us greater vulnerability in our spiritual lives and in our prayers and in our interactions with each other.

This year, at least, that seems to be what Lent is about for me.

As I was trying to preach that tonight, however, I lost the word.  In the middle of my sentence I had NO IDEA what I was planning to or trying to say.

After what felt like about 20 minutes of stammering it finally came back, but not before I had accidentally made myself a living example of vulnerability.

Our Interim Music Director and I were laughing about it after the service, and he said, "I'm sure you won't be posting this one!"

Well, of course, I am.  I think it actually turned out okay in the end; but, really, it would be somehow a failure of integrity if I only posted some of my sermons.  So here it is.

The service tonight was in the side chapel - so being in a different place, the sound isn't the best and the framing is a bit off, but you'll get the idea...