Life is just a bowl of cherries

My day in the Communication Centre has been a little slow. There's a flurry of activity around - with continued planning for newsletter production and distribution, and the Archbishop of Canterbury appearing in a Press Conference this afternoon, but somehow, my work has slowed quite a bit. I've been blogging some on Walking with Integrity and generally trying to support the work of those around me, but mostly it's been quiet.

So I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you some of the ways I've been keeping my sanity. I've set up something of a little office here, and I've been surrounding myself with things that can make me feel good when there's a bit of stress!

The picture above is of some fresh cherries that I picked up in the corner grocery near the church. They tend to have them each day. I've learned that Kent County (where we are) is England's largest producer of cherries. I've enjoyed having that as a pretty healthy snack from time to time throughout each day.

I've also really enjoyed this - I've been calling it "grandmother candy" because it reminds me so much of the candies that my grandmother used to keep around the house in little crystal dishes or colorful tins.

And though I can't find my picture right at this moment, someone has secretly been placing lovely little wild daisies on my computer when I step away. Every time it causes my heart to soar! While I don't know who it is, I have my suspicions... I think it might just be HER

I hope to make it up the hill to the Conference Marketplace today... A chance to get out of the office, and to get my grubby little hands on some official Lambeth Conference crap. Woo hoo!