Packing for Lambeth...

That's right friends... Two weeks from now I'll be in London (well, actually, at this moment in two weeks I'll be in Salisbury attending an organ concert at the cathedral) and enjoying a couple of days of R&R before beginning my work in Canterbury.

So with only two weeks out, I thought it was time to start packing. And where better to start, than right here on the blog?!

Many of you have told me how much you are looking forward to hearing my perspective on the goings on at Lambeth. My role promises to be limited to minimal and administrative engagements, but I look forward to sharing whatever insights I happen to stumble across.

In the meantime, and between updates, I've set up a set of "Lambeth Links" just to your right. Go on! Take a look!

There are several resources there that should be good links to news, and much of it about the news that I'll be a part of. Additionally, we'll be producing a daily newsletter and I'll try to find some way to get it linked as well in a PDF.

I think you'll be particularly interested in Luiz Coelho's work while he's at Lambeth. In case you're not familiar, Luiz is from Brazil, a prolific blogger, an artist, and discerning a call to religious life. I don't know him now, but I am hoping to have a chance to meet him and get to know him in Canterbury. I've known about him for a couple of years now and have been really impressed with him.

While he's in Canterbury, Luiz will be producing art thematically centered on the daily Bible studies that the bishops are doing. This work will be posted on the blog that I've linked. You can follow along with the Bible study (if you are so inclined) by downloading the documentation from the Lambeth Conference website (also linked).

In addition, for more "official" news sources, I've temporarily moved up the ENS feed to just below the "Lambeth Links" section and I've added an ACNS feed, too. Both of those sources should be covering Lambeth pretty heavily!

So I've started packing the blog for the trip. And I've started packing my bags, mentally. I'm sure it'll just be a few days before the suitcase is formally laid out on the floor of my bedroom to begin receiving its duty.

Continue to pray for me in my travels, for the bishops in the difficult and important work that they will be facing, and for the global church as we struggle to redefine Anglicanism for the 21st century.

P.S. It's not too late to donate to the Canterbury Campaign! Help support my work in Canterbury! Support the full inclusion of ALL of God's children in the life of the church! Thanks!