As a testiment to my eclectic taste in music

I've really loved attending Evensongs in Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, and Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford. The Choral Eucharist and later organ concert in Salisbury moved me deeply.

And then there's my latest BritPop find...

Maybe I just have an unusual penchant for gay, British, glam rocker, singer/songwriter types who are a little acoustic and a lot theatrical (you may know about my thing of late for MIKA), but I've stumbled across someone that you really must check out if you don't know him already. (Admittedly, I don't know if this guy is gay or not, but upon listening to the rest of the album, I'm guessing so) This album that keeps making my socks roll up and down was released last year, but I've only found it in the past couple of days and I have just about worn my iPod out listening to it.

The band is called The Feeling and the album is Twelve Stops and Home. It's truly brilliant.

Here's the song that got me so hung up. I hope you enjoy it, too!