Oh dear.... not "ungracious"?!

The Sunday Mirror (UK) is reporting this:

The Archbishop of York yesterday launched a bitter attack on rebel members of the Anglican church.

Accusing them of "ungracious" behaviour, Dr John Sentamu said he had been "deeply grieved" by criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

Many Anglicans, especially in Africa, are angered by the prospect of women bishops and gay clergy and believe Dr Williams is too liberal.

"The accusations and inferences of what has been said by some are ungenerous and unwarranted," Dr Sentamu said in a presidential address to the Church Synod in York. He added, to clapping and cries of "Hear, hear" that Dr Williams was a "seeker after truth and love."

As you can see, the rhetoric is really heating up (as only the British could "heat it up") in advance of Lambeth. I'm beginning to wonder if it's going to be a boring Lambeth after all...