High noon shoot-out??

The "topic of the day" for the bishops at the Lambeth Conference is "Listening to God and to each other: the bishop and human sexuality". As such, many have assumed that today would at least begin the time of contentious debate (or in the eyes of many media outlets - a way to get the audience's attention!). One news report from Canada described today as "global Anglicanism's high noon shoot-out over homosexuality."

In reality, however, it has been something of a slow news day so far. I overheard one reporter who was in one of today's press briefings skeptically reporting that the bishops doing the briefing were entirely too positive about the discussions that are happening - the reporter, recognizing what many are considering the nearly palpable tension around the conference, could not imagine that it was an entirely honest representation of the closed door sessions taking place throughout the day.

If the Globe and Mail news report is accurate, many of the bishops, themselves, are denying that the experience of the Lambeth Conference is quite as warm and cuddly as the press briefings have intended to indicate.

Reflecting on the third installment of the Windsor Continuation Group report, Bishop Michael Ingham of the Diocese of New Westminster had this to say: "If this becomes the position of the Communion, it will put the Anglican Church of Canada in the position of having to support and defend irrational prejudice and bigotry in the eyes of our nation."

The dominant pattern seems to be emerging that news is more likely to break late in the day (as opposed to the earlier morning bishop's briefings), so do stay tuned to Walking with Integrity - your best source for news related to Integrity's presence at the Lambeth Conference. Also be sure to read our daily analysis (in conjunction with our allies in the Inclusive Church Network) in The Lambeth Witness. You can find it at the top of the Lambeth Conference LGBT Anglican portal.


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